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Kentucky Specialized Haulers

Our fleet is comprised of 20 tractors and 40 trailers including lowboys, double drops, single drops, stretches, and heavy haul trailers.
Our Fleet, is extensive and is comprised of 20 tractors and 40 trailers including those specialties listed below.
  • Lowboys
  • Double Drops
  • Single Drops
  • Stretches
  • Heavy Haul Trailers

Equipment List
Experienced Drivers
KySH offers the most experienced drivers that are dedicated to safety and meet all D.O.T. requirements for "Over The Road" trucking.

Continental United States and into Canada
Distance is not an issue with KySH. Contact us today for a quote.

No need to look anywhere else

KySH is capable of handling almost any specialized hauling shipment. Want to ask the difficult questions?

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Routine Shipments
We routinely transport rail equipment, tanks, hoppers, sewer treatment units, presses, lathes, earth moving equipment, high-pressure vessels, asphalt plants, bag houses, and buildings.
Escort Service Available
Top of the line certified and insured escort vehicles are available within all of the continental U.S. and into Canada.

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